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10 Christmas/Yule Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Witch!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

It's Christmas time! Or if you are a practicing pagan, it's the season of Yule!

If you are trying to think of ideas of what to get the practicing wiccan/pagan/xian-witch in your life (or want ideas of what to ask from others), then enjoy this list I've made of 10 Christmas/Yule Ideas for your Favorite Witch! Leave a comment below if you want more ideas!

1) Sage, Juniper, Cedar, Sweetgrass (or Resins!)

We all need to restock on our supplies for the year at one point or another. A good stocking stuffer is an assortment of Smudging herbs, such as Sage, Juniper, Cedar and Sweetgrass. You can go the extra mile and do something different! Instead of Sage, get Rosemary. Or perhaps even Lavender. These herbs are greatly used by every witch, and getting some as a gift is not only convenient, but also extremely thoughtful.

Alternatives to herbs are resins! If you want to give something different, then resins like Frankincense, Copal, Dragon's Blood, etc are great selections!

2) Candles!! And not just any candles ...

There is more to candles than just wax and a cotton wick. Some candles are 7 Day Candles. Others can be Homemade Soy Candles. There are even those that are 7 Day Candles, but are dedicated to angels, Christian deities, or Saints. Not all witches are strictly Wiccan. Some are Christo-Pagan, others are ecclectic, etc. Either way, candles are essential to one's practice (plus really set the mood when you want to meditate, take a bath, or what have you).

If you are looking for something that you cand't find anywhere else, I get you. At the store, I get customers who are looking for candles that are 100% unique, and that can't be found in the mainstream market all the time. They always go immediately for the Homemade Soy Candles I make, namely because they are infused with herbs, florals, fragrances, as well as protective energies. If you want to see what I mean, you can see them here.

3) Carved Wooden Boxes

These are great for spell supplies, storing crystals, or housing Tarot Cards. You can find boxes just about anywhere, but if you want one that is set apart from others, look for ones that are hand carved. By being hand-carved, they were more infused with energy rather than machine-made/technologically created boxes. Don't get me wrong, if the energy is right, machine-made boxes are great! But there's something raw and special about hand-carved wooden boxes that just knocks it out of the park as a gift.

4) A Leather-Bound Book of Shadows (with real parchment paper!)

We just got a fresh batch of Leather Book of Shadows from abroad in our store, and I'm telling you, I would do cartwheels if someone got me something as amazing as this. These journals just had to be on the list. But if your Favorite Witch doesn't want something made of leather (whether because vegan or vegetarian), a journal will also be a step in the right direction. These journals are able to be used as a diary or (more likely) a Book of Shadows -- A vessel that holds your Favorite Witch's thoughts, spells, trials and errors, and secrets.

5) Fresh Herbs - As in: a Whole Plant!

If you want to go all out and do something unique but thoughtful, a great gift idea for your Favorite Witch is to give them their own herb shrub to plant at home! Fresh herbs are hard to come by for some witches, and other times it's just not convenient to go out and collect on their own. Growing your own shrub at home gives your witch the chance for them to make their own supply, and to infuse their energy with the plants. A relationship is able to grow (see what I did there?), and the energy of their spells will be more potent because of that relationship.

If they don't have the space for a living plant, then fresh cut herbs from your local grocer or Nursery will do :)

6) All the Crystals!!!!

Or at least a good selection of a few. If you go to a local crystal shop, they can help you find crystals that are right for your witch. They should be able to tell you what magical properties of each crystal they have in stock. One thing I do at my store is have my customers do what I call a "blind taste test" (BTT). This is where I help them have their bodies tell them what crystals they intuitively need (or what they feel their Favorite Witch would need). It's shocked many people how accurate the BTT is, so you can always try to do it too! Just send over a message to ask how I do it :)

7) Books!

A witch never stops learning! There is a natural thirst for knowledge, whether it is for spells, history, or to learn of different pagan techniques they are unfamiliar with. Recently, there's been an sparked interest in Palmistry, so that's a great place to start. You can also purchase a Witch's Almanac for 2020 (Llewellyn makes a lot of them). Try asking your Favorite Witch about what they are practicing right now (any specific rituals?), or what has their interest at the moment. Then, go get a book about it!

Honestly, I have yet to meet a witch who doesn't have a guilty pleasure for reading.

8) Mortar and Pestle (whether a first or second!)

Whether made of stone, wood or iron, these babies are greatly used by witches who make their own mixture of herbs and resins. The thing is, what most people don't tell you is that sometimes the things we crush leave residue behind that is near impossible to get out.

Does your Favorite Witch already have a mortar and pestle? Trust me, a second one is never scoffed at. Sometimes we don't want to mix our energies! What I mean is, if someone were to do a concoction meant to drive someone away, and then later wants to make something to bring in money, the energies may feel as if they are being mixed. We don't want that! So by giving them a second mortar, your Favorite Witch can focus one for calling up things, and the other specifically for driving things away.

9) Magical Body Care Basket

Make a small collection of body care goods to give your Favorite Witch. Your basket could include:

Essential oils

Flower Water Body Sprays


Bath Herbs

Oil burners

Florida Water



Put all this together for your witch to enjoy when he/she needs to relax, to perform a cleansing ritual in water, or want to dispel energy with aromatherapy.

10) A Gift Card to the Local "Witchy" Store

Sometimes the best gift is a gift that they can choose themselves! A gift card to their local witch store * cough* anyoneintheSouthPasadenaareacangetoneatDualCrossoads *cough!* would do the trick, and will let your Favorite Witch be able to enjoy finding what speaks best to them!

I hope these 10 ideas help you find the PERFECT gift for your witch.

Do you have any ideas for gifts? Share with us below!

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