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Placing and Confirming Orders


How can I make a purchase?

Click over to ONLINE STORE, and start shopping! The items you select can be viewed in your Cart (located in the upper right hand corner). You can also come shop with us in person at our store in South Pasadena! We only hold 20% of our inventory online, so you'll have so much more to find in-store.


I didn't get a confirmation email! Where is it?

Please check your spam rule and include as a safe-listed email address.

What is the usual turnaround time?

All orders are shipped within 48 hours during the work week, unless it is a custom order. The turnaround then changes to 1-2 weeks, or 3-4 weeks during the holidays.

Payment and Shipping

Do you accept American Express?

Yes! We accept all major credit cards via Square.

Whom do you ship with?

Shipping is through either general USPS or UPS

If I live close by, can I just pick up my purchase at the store?

Sure! Be sure to select the Will Call option, and we will hold your purchase at the Dual Crossroads location. We ask that you pick up your order as soon as possible. Please contact us if there are any concerns regarding your Will Call order..

Returns & Refunds

My order came damaged! Can I return it?

Please send images of the damaged goods to for review within 48 hours after receiving your delivery.

I never got my order! Where is it?

You will receive a tracking number with your order. Please review it in case the carrier is taking longer than expected to deliver your order to you. Contact us at if there are any issues with your tracking.

Ah! I forget my tracking number! Can you send it to me?

Sure! Just send an email to with your request. Have the subject line read: "Please resend tracking number."


Privacy Policy


Any information we collect is solely for the fulfillment of your online order or appointment. We will not give your information to anyone, or any third-party company other than to ship your order (such as your address and name to USPS or UPS).

How do you get your crystals? Are they ethically sourced?

It is important that everything we bring to Dual Crossroads is ethically sourced, even with things that are hard to track--like crystals. It is also important that YOU should know where they are coming from. We hope one day to be certified in ethical/fair trade, but sadly there is no Official Ethical Crystal Foundation to regulate international and enforce fair trade and eco-practices for crystals. At least not yet.


That is why we're doing things from the ground up. We've committed to only working directly with the mines themselves or with those who only work directly with reputable ones. We chose only those who can say they are ethical in their work practices+trade+environmental securities. We ask where the crystals come from, where they have their lapidaries and carvings are done (and by who), and if the mines someone owns/works with are ethical in their work and labor. 

You should know this information, too. That is why we are doing an ongoing project where we are road-mapping our crystals and adding this information to our online store. As of Fall 2020, we are adding this information whenever there is moment to spare (but you can always email/call/come in person to ask so you don't have to wait!). We are excited for when this project gets completed and are happy share with you the entire life of the stone from earth to your pocket.

We do this because we care about where our crystals, bowls, jewelry, herbs, etc come from. We want to ensure that everything we provide has a positive background, and that we aren't inadvertently causing harm to others or the earth by supporting something that is less than reputable. You should be able to shop in comfort and security, and that includes your stone choices, 


Thank you for asking this question! Never be afraid to ask it!

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