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My favorite herbs for smudging

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

My personal favorite herbs for smudging are White Sage, Juniper and Palo Santo. I also have favorite resins, but I will post about that another time.

This is just a brief rundown of information about these sacred plants, so please keep on researching to learn more! There is a multitude of information out there -- from their usage, cultural relevance, sacred spirituality, etc. You'll be stunned at what you will learn.

Photo by Dual Crossroads

Smudging is an ancient, spiritual act where you take a sacred herb or resin, burn it and use the smoke to sanctify and purify the energy of a person place or object. ((Please note, smudging isn't advised if you're someone who has respiratory problems or allergies to smoke.))

Sacred Salvia apiana, aka California Sage or White Sage
Photo by Dual Crossroads

White sage (aka Salvia apiana) is a wonderfully powerful, sacred herb that is popularly used to cleanse energy. It's native to regions like Baja California and Southern California, and is probably one of the most sought after plants for cleansing (outside of palo santo). Sage is so powerful, it is believed to completely cleanse and dispel negative energy, as well as lift emotions. There are even scientific studies that show the smoke of sage can help kill bacteria in the air, and have medicinal properties! We both grow our own sage, and also obtain through ethical sources that collect sage in conjunction with the land owner. This is done so to ensure it's properly collected and never stripped from the land or over-harvested. Our goal is to have our home-grown sage be abundant enough to be our sole source for sage!

Juniper, aka Juniperus californica
Photo by Dual Crossroads

Juniper is what I (personal opinion, others may differ) consider to be gentler in its cleansing vs sage, but that isn't a bad thing! It is great for moving out old energy, attracting positive energy, and can be used for spiritual protection for a safe, cleansed space. If you are moving into a new home and want to clear out the old energy, or if you want to release the energy of last week so to invite new energy from today, this is great for that. It has this amazing, evergreen smell that is reminiscent of a campfire when