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Jennifer is Interviewed by the
KUCI's Local Love

Today we spoke with Jennifer, the owner and founder of Dual Crossroads. Dual Crossroads is a place that focuses on energy purification, spiritual cleansing, and allowing others to gain knowledge through new experiences. We discussed the culture of Pasadena, the history of Dual Crossroads, what goes into running a business, advice Jennifer has for other women pursuing a business of their own

Jennifer of Dual CrossroadsKUCI's Local Love
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Jennifer is Interviewed by the

South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

Meet Jennifer Maimone, owner of Dual Crossroads, the local shop where you can find an arrangement of crystals, homemade soy candles, incense, sacred herbs, jewelry, religious items, and other spiritual tools.

Much about Dual Crossroads has changed since its opening in 2016, including an array of events, classes and workshops that are now regularly offered. Jennifer says listening to the community’s needs over the years has helped shape what Dual Crossroads is today.

>> Read Entire Article Here

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South Pasadena City Council Acknowledges Dual Crossroads as First of Its Kind in Recorded South Pasadena History

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After months of collecting research, Jennifer Maimone appeared before the South Pasadena City Council requesting Dual Crossroads to be recognized as the first Metaphysical Supply store in South Pasadena's recorded history.

"[F]ollowing a friendly debate among council members on what to do with the matter, it was decided that Khubesrian would send a signed letter declaring Dual Crossroads as the first of its kind in South Pasadena recorded history." >> Read Entire Article Here

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Dual Crossroads Given Business Spotlight

in South Pasadena Review

Dual Crossroads.jpg

Jennifer is interviewed by Kamala Kirk about Dual Crossroads, and is featured in the South Pasadena Review.

"Just one week after leaving her job, Jennifer Maimone walked past an empty store space on Mission Street that had a ‘For Lease’ sign in front—and immediately knew that she wanted to open a business there. Less than a month later, Dual Crossroads opened for business in December of 2016, and just recently celebrated its two-year anniversary." >> Read Entire Article Here


Paranormal Underground Magazine

Jennifer again recalls her travels to Burying Point., the oldest cemetery in Salem, MA -- the town in which one of the most famous occurrences of witch hysteria in history took place.

Keep It Weird Podcast

Jennifer (owner of Dual Crossroads) talks with Lauren and Ashley about witchcraft, the occult, spirit boards, and keeps asking if they want more wine!

FXYWLF Magazine

Two of Jennifer's articles are featured in FXYWLF Magazine's ISSUE #1 GUIDE TO WINTER SOLSTICE and ISSUE #2 GUIDE TO IMBOLC.

In Issue #1, Jennifer recalls her travels to The Burying Point, the oldest cemetery in Salem MA.

In Issue #2, Jennifer discusses in a prose of the ways in which we are all connected by more than physicality.

Dual Crossroads Sheds New Light on New Age

Dual Crossroads Celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary, and is featured by Arcadia Weekly!

Meet Jennifer Maimone of Dual Crossroads in South Pasadena

Jennifer is interviewed by VoyageLA in a feature about Dual Crossroads when it first opened!

Blog Talk Radio

Jennifer talks about Demon's Prize, and the upcoming A Cursed Soul! Find out how she published her work, and her experience as a published author.

Jennifer is celebrated alongside fellow authors at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena CA, and gives a reading from her novel, Demon's Prize.

New York Times bestseller author Carrie Jones shares her thoughts of Jennifer's book, Demon's Prize!

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