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Spring Equinox Altar Ritual (Step by Step Guide)

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Spring Altar for Rebirth and Manifestation Ritual

Making an altar is an excellent way to give thanks and set intention for the coming season. Our focus this spring is: Rebirth and Manifestation, and we've created a step by step guide for you to refer to for your magickal workings.

What you Need:

  • Sage (to cleanse)

  • Fresh flowers (a symbol of Spring)

  • Selenite bowl for herbs (Selenite is for femininity, cleansing energy and moon energy)

  • Herbs for the selenite bowl (i.e: Yarrow for feminine energy, healing and attraction) 

  • Copper bowl of water (water for emotions, and copper for balance)

  • Crystals (ie: Amazonite, smokey quartz, lepidolite,  and green tourmaline.)

  • Candles (especially White for healing, Green for growth, Blue for water and Pink for emotions)

  • A letter or "petition" of intention/thanks (this is to communicate to Spirit and yourself what exactly you would like to transmute (invoke and/or release)

The Ritual (Step by Step Guide):

  1. First, light your candle, and use the fire to light your sage. Cleanse the space and yourself with Sage's smoke.

  2. Next, place your choice of herbs in the selenite bowl, facing North. Place your burning sage on your altar, facing East. Place your candle facing South. Place your copper bowl of water, facing West.

  3. Take your flowers, and place them along the altar (wherever you feel it's supposed to be). Put any spare petals in the selenite bowl. Let your heart say a prayer of thanks every time you place a flower upon the altar.

  4. Take your crystals, and cleanse them in the sage's smoke. Hold them to your heart, saying either a prayer of thanks or whisper a request for the stone to aid you in some task. When you feel ready, place the crystal(s) on your altar.

  5. Finally, take a piece of paper and pen and write a petition. This can be a letter of thanks, a goal you aim to achieve, or something you wish to be aided in releasing. Focus on the letter, and focus on the words you choose. As with everything, seal your petition with a creed (verbally and in your heart), "Let this harm none, and no good be undone." You may burn the letter upon your candle, and dowse it in your copper bowl of water. You can also leave it at the center of your altar for a week, and then burn it at a later time.

If you don't have these items, you can come in and find them at our shop. Let us know if you have questions, too! We'd be honored to help you prepare for the Equinox!

Please remember that these are merely suggestions. Your intuition and spiritual discernment can and will guide you toward the best options for you and your Highest and Greatest Good.

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