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Magick You Can Do At Home

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

With everyone having to stay home, some people may be getting a bit stir-crazy. Thing is, there are plenty of things you can do from the luxury of your home to feel spiritually connected and heard by the higher realms. Here are some of my recommendations:

Get In Touch with Nature (At Home)

If you have a yard, stand outside on the grass, barefoot. If you don't, open the windows and let the air in. Take a blanket and lay down upon it. Allow yourself 1 hour outside/in front of the window. Leave your phone somewhere else in the house, and turn off all notifications. Just be present in the moment. Take in a deep breath, and as you breathe out, envision roots coming out from your back and growing down into the earth (even if you're not on the ground floor). Connect to the earth as the breeze flows around you. Let all the things you no longer need to hold onto transfer through those roots into the earth, where it can be cleansed and transformed by the earth itself. Allow your mind to relax and wander in a deep mediation. Do this for at least an hour, so to unplug.

Create a Window Garden

We are allowed to go outside for walks, but maybe you aren't comfortable with doing that. That's okay! Go online and order some cacti or other household plants. Or ask your fellow green-thumbers for clippings to be sent to you. Put these little plants in a pot with rich soil and put them at your window where they can get healthy sunlight. Take care and nourish these plants, for they will do the same for your home.

Make a Mini Altar

Now this is fun. If you do not have an altar, you can easily make one. This is where you can do your prayers, offerings, meditations, etc. You can create your own little altar with a few household objects. A pretty tablecloth, a glass bowl of water, a match and candle, a bit of incense, and some earth clippings. This alone gives you an altar where you are reflecting the four earthly elements upon a special cloth. Just be aware that whatever items you induct into your altar are henceforth meant only for it. Do not use a bowl you plan to eat from later, or a candle you intend to keep fo