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Palo Santo sticks are roughly 4" in size.


Palo Santo is only allowed to be collected from trees that have either died naturally (which can take over 90+ years), or if a branch falls off from it (and only if it's naturally fallen). Then, the tree/wood limbs must be left laying on the ground for 4-10+ years. Only after then can it be collected. Collecting the wood requires a special government permit, which is rarely given out. This is done in order to protect the species. 


While Palo Santo isn't officially said to be endangered (though some sources vary on this), it is now on the watch-list. This is due to overharvesting them and neglecting the ways it is meant to be properly collected, as well as issues such as cattling the lands. 


What you can do: Either choose another herb for smudging, or be mindful of where you get your Palo Santo. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Currently, Ecuador has the biggest population of trees, and works to preserve them.



Sourcing Information


Location: Ecuador

Supplier: Our supplier is an importer that has been supplying spiritual goods globally since 1995. They work directly with the government of Ecuador for the ethical collection of Palo Santo.

Palo Santo Sticks

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