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Ah, Tuesday.

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Today is the one day per week when my store is closed--but just because I am not at the store, that doesn't mean I'm not working. I use this day to gather inventory, do research, and if needed, have meetings. It also lets me have a break for at least a few hours as my "weekend", and have a chance to run personal errands, as well as do household chores like gardening, laundry, sweeping, etc etc. I hope one day to have team of staff, and to have the store be open every day, but one day at a time!

So, what's on the docket today?

Today I have 2 meetings, a hair appointment (which I am majorly overdue for. Seriously, my white hairs are over an inch long now! Gaah!), and maybe 2 hours worth of research to do. On top of that, I am hoping to make time to do some weeding, mow the lawn, get paint samples, etc. Maaaybe I can squeeze in some time for writing? Lord knows I need to do it. I have been working on my book for maybe 4 years, and I am determined to have it done THIS year. With determination and willpower, you'd be surprised with what you can get done!

There are times, though, when I will open the shop on a Tuesday, anyway. Whether it's because I find myself with more spare time than I realized, or because I want to make up for sales that were not achieved the day before, or whatever, I do this because I want the business to succeed. There's no room for laziness when you have a desire for better things, and no one accomplished their goals by just sitting on the couch watching TV (unless their job revolves around watching TV, of course!).

So here's to Tuesday! The day for getting things done, and having the time to do them!

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