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Join our Monthly Box Subscription

Our subscription boxes make it easy to restock your tools while gaining something new every month.

What's Inside?

We have three types of boxes for you to choose from!


The Good Box

This box is ideal for those looking to restock their tools and sacred supplies. Every month, we send a shipment with a mixture of items ranging from sacred herbs to crystals, incense, magical totems and a special surprise! The contents alternate each month. Expand your magical collection with unique monthly precious goods.


$25/ mo


You can cancel at any time!


The Better Box

Perfect for expanding your craft and learning about mysticism from across the globe! Comes with everything the Good Box does, plus an exploration into the traditions of Buddhism, Native American Culture, Paganism, Ancient Egypt and more. Examples of items include totems, prayer beads, cleansing kits, scepters, harder-to-come-by apothecary herbs, and more!


$45 / mo


You can cancel at any time!


The Ultimate Box

The best box we offer! This includes everything in the Better box, plus magical contents needed to enhance your spiritual path. Items may include: handmade  altars, oracle cards, smudge wands,  homemade candles with healing crystals, Book of Shadows and more. The Ultimate Box gives you the opportunity to expand your mind and spiritual practice!


$75 / mo


You can cancel at any time!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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