7 Day Offering Candles (in glass)

9 inches tall

1.5 inches wide

Made with paraffin


Available in Black, Pink, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Purple and Blue.


Perfect for candle magick and ritual workings. Large candle surface can be used to carve inscriptions or magickal symbols into the wax. 


Magickal properties of candles according to color:


Black: Grounding, protection, safety, banishing negativity

Pink: Love, compassion, romance, spiritual and emotional healing

Red: Passion, courage, vitality, strength

White: All purpose, purity, cleansing, peace

Yellow: Happiness, pleasure, success, inspiration

Purple: Wisdom, spiritual power, contact with spirits

Blue: Communication, truth, focus, astral projection

Green: Money, growth, fertility, nature



7 Day Offering Candles (in glass)

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