3.5” Moonstone Spiral Orgonite Pyramid
Orgonite is a 50-50 mixture of organic and inorganic materials believed to absorb and transmute negative energy into positive. Crystals are often also used in the production of orgonite to imbue it further with beneficial healing properties.


It  is  all  about  feminine  energy  and  power.  Helps  with  transitions  and  new  beginnings.  Rainbow moonstone,  like  all  varieties  of  moonstone  (including  blue  moonstones),  has  a  very  strong connection to the spiritual world. A magical stone with powerful protective properties and deflects negativity;  helps  its  wearer  find  their  true  path  in  life;  a  stone  of  intuition  and  insight;  balances emotions and increases patience; increases creativity; clears the mind and senses to allow for calm sleep; helps bring out psychic abilities.

3.5” Moonstone Spiral Orgonite Pyramid


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