Orgonite is a 50-50 mixture of organic and inorganic materials believed to absorb and transmute negative energy into positive. Crystals are often also used in the production of orgonite to imbue it further with beneficial healing properties.


From  the  Quartz  Family,  Carnelian  holds  the  properties  of  courage,  endurance, motivation,  leadership  and  creativity.  It  is  also  associated  with  romantic  desires, connected  to  the lower  3  chakras,  and  is  known  as  “The  Singer’s  Stone”. Carnelian is    useful    for    overcoming    abuse    of    any    kind. A stabilizing  stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success.

2.5” Carnelian Spiral Orgonite Pyramid


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