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Numbers to Be Mindful Of

In Numerology, it is understood that numbers carry vibrational meanings. Two types of numbers you should keep an eye our for are Angel Numbers and Life Path Numbers.

The appearance of Angel Numbers throughout your day indicate moments of synchronicity. Examples of these would be when the clocks hits 11:11, a receipt is $3.33, or a license plate shows numbers like 777. These meaningful coincidences provide guidance and assurance to those who witness reoccurring numbers throughout the day.

Life Path Numbers, indicated by archetypes, are powerful tools for understanding our personalities and ourselves deeper. The archetypes of each Life Path Number also correspond in the vibrational essence to the Angel Numbers. For example, if you're in a period of your life you're especially creative and (thereby embodying the "the Artist" archetype), you may see repeating 3's during this time.

What's My Life Path Number?

Archetype Keywords from Dual Crossroads

You find your life path number by adding up the individual numbers of your birth date, then adding those numbers together until you get 1 number.

For example: I was born 12/19/1996.
1+2+1+9+1+9+9+6 =
1+1 = 2

According to this calculation, my life path number is 2, and the archetype which resonates with me is the “The Peacekeeper.”

Life Path Numbers provide lifelong guidance, whereas Angel Numbers provide moment to moment, daily insight.

What You Should Do When You Notice Number Messages

Take pause when you see Angel Numbers, so to receive any messages that Spirit may have for you at that moment. Journaling your observations of Angels Numbers daily is a particularly helpful and an easy way of remaining mindful of any patterns that emerge and tracking your spiritual journey.

If you want to learn more about your archetype, you can reach out to us or our reader Daughter of Divine, who offers Numerology Foundation classes.

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