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Manifest Greatness for 2020 // An In-Depth New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

Hello, soul family, and welcome to the new year! For many of us, the energy of this season can be pretty overwhelming. The passing of time inspires some and triggers others and I’m here to tell you that in any event, you’re certainly not alone. We are experiencing change as a collective. The manifestation of such change may vary, depending on our respective life situations, but in the end, change is change and it can call for an exhausting amount of energetic exertion. Healthily coping with transition or uncertainty requires us to shift our attention toward our innermost needs and desires. The better we understand our internal atmosphere, the easier it is to determine the ways in which this affects our external circumstances. This is called self-awareness and it paves the path to self-empowerment.

Fortunately enough, the universe has blessed the collective with a New Moon on January 24th. The New Moon represents an opportunity to check in with our emotional environment as a means to setting intentions, goals, and wishes for ourselves. As beings of water and earth, this moon phase may also heighten our emotions, causing some of us to feel extra sensitive, reserved, quiet, or moody. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings as a natural part of life and as our bodies’ way of letting us know what we need. Take inspiration from the tides, which like us, are affected by the moon’s phases. Tides surrender to the natural order of the universe. They are fluid in their acceptance of what is, and, like the tides, human beings are capable of this as well.

Below, I have provided a simple intention setting ritual harnessing the power of our Mother Moon. In this ritual, I will show you how to use meditative reflection paired with conscious intention as a tool to facilitate your needs being met and your desires manifested in perfect comfort and alignment with your highest self. This will also serve as an informative guide to the magickal properties of select plants, colors, and crystals. Additionally, I will show you how to use the natural elements (earth, air, water, fire, and spirit), in conjunction with the items/themes mentioned for the purpose of manifestation.

Suggested Materials:

- One bundle of White Sage

- Bay leaves (one for each intention)

- Fire-proof dish (this should be large enough to accommodate your leaves)

- Metal tongs

- A feather of your choice

- A bowl of water

- White candle

- Black candle

- Selenite

- Rose Quartz

- Black Tourmaline

- Rainbow Fluorite

- Amethyst

- Angelite

- Pyrite

- Carnelian

- Altar table ( alternatively, you may clear a table/shelf/desk/etc. to place items)

Each and every moment of life is an opportunity to awaken, to treat oneself with love and respect, to consider and act upon our truest heart’s desire. As the collective transitions into the new year, many of us are reminded of this opportunity but may be unsure of where to start. Turns out, the only place we can do anything at all is here and now, so let us begin by allowing ourselves a moment to be present.

Beginning Meditation

Gather your materials and find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Dress yourself in your coziest attire, set your phone on silent, and position yourself comfortably before your altar space. We begin this ritual with a simple meditation. I invite you to close your eyes and turn your attention to your breath. This can be done by focusing on the sensation of air flowing in and out of your nostrils or the rise and fall of your belly upon each breath. Every time a thought forms acknowledge it, let it pass, and return to your breath. Repeat for as long as you need, directing attention from thought to breath again and again. Can you feel your own presence? Right here, right now, all you have to do is be. There are no expectations, worries, or concerns. There is only breath and the inner stillness of being.

After a few moments of breath work, place your dominant hand on your solar plexus (the spot between your ribs and your abdomen) and your other hand over your heart. Your solar plexus chakra is your own personal powerhouse - it represents your driving spirit. This is the part of you that knows your truest truth, way deep down in your soul. I want you to imagine warm golden light radiating from that very spot. Imagine what that feels like inside of you; tender, warm, the purity of God essence that exists in all things. Now imagine this golden light flowing outward from your solar plexus, into your dominant hand, gently making its way up the length of your arm, into your heart, coming back down through the other arm, and finding its way back to your powerhouse. In this way, you are empowering yourself with your own light. Feel this energy flow throughout your etheric body and allow yourself to receive the joy of being!

Now that we’ve set the tone internally you may open your eyes and transition to the process of setting your space externally. Begin by opening all of the doors and windows in your space and burn one end of your sage bundle just enough to produce a light amount of smoke. Work your way slowly from the back of the room to the front of the room, waving the bundle in clockwise motions to symbolize the passing of time and to stimulate the removal of negative or stagnant energy. As you approach a window or a door, direct the smoke outside using the feather as its guide. This allows previously trapped energy to be recycled back into the universe. It’s important to visualize the release of what doesn’t serve you during this process - let go of the past and center yourself in the now. Don’t forget to wave your bundle around the perimeter of your altar space to ensure a spiritually clean platform from which to manifest. Once you intuitively feel that your space has been cleansed, you may proceed by setting up your altar. This is where we will harness the power of the moon in her guidance, healing, and protection.

Prepping the Altar

A great frame of reference for the placement of spiritual tools on any altar is placing them in accordance with the four cardinal directions (North, East, West, and South), each of which represent the natural elements. North represents Earth, East represents Air, West represents Water, and South represents Fire. Treat these directions as indicators of where each of your items should be placed depending on the element the items themselves stand for. For example; the candles will represent Fire, the bowl of water represents (you guessed it) Water, incense/herbs/plants will represent Earth, and the feather will represent Air. As for the stones, each one has been intentionally selected to fulfil a purpose for this ritual as follows:

Black Tourmaline - protection and grounding

Selenite - clearing, cleansing, healing, moon magic, divine feminine energy

Rose Quartz - unconditional spiritual love

Amethyst - enhances psychic abilities and intuition, strengthens third eye/crown chakra

Angelite - to call upon our guides, ancestors, angels, etc. for counsel

Rainbow Fluorite - promotes energetic flow/balance, harmonizes all chakras

Pyrite - abundance, prosperity, luck, attraction

Carnelian - confidence, assertiveness, projection, initiative, creativity

You may arrange your crystals anywhere on the altar that you see fit. The accumulative power of your stones will charge this ritual with the properties of each one. The center of your altar represents Spirit. Spirit is an element often depicted in the center point of a compass rose. It is the culmination of mind, body, emotions, inner being, collective consciousness, and everything in between. This is where all of the elements with all of their properties combine to create a space primed for magick. This is where you will place your fire-safe dish and bay leaves.

Intention Setting

Intention setting is the process in which one meditates or reflects on what they desire for themselves on a soul-level with the intention of sending that energy out into the cosmos for manifestation. Bay leaves, which are spiritually representative of the third-eye and solar plexus chakras, are said to possess the power to make wishes come true and are commonly used as a magickal aid in this process. Take a moment to consider what it is you’d like to manifest for yourself in the new year. What habits would you like to form or break? What energy would you like to bring in and accumulate for yourself? Take a pencil or marker and write down your intentions for the new year on each leaf. Try to be as specific and intentional as possible. Look inward and focus on the feeling behind each wish and ask yourself “What does my heart need?” “What does my spirit yearn for?” Once all of your intentions are written down, go ahead and light each of your candles. The white candle represents purity and enlightenment - this is the candle we will use for burning our leaves to harness it’s magick. Black candles are commonly associated with protection and removal of negativity. We light our black candle to protect our sacred space so that we may remain vulnerable and open without fear or unwanted negative energy. Use your metal tongs to hold a completed bay leaf and burn it by the flame of your white candle. As your bay leaf burns, imagine that the intention written upon it is coming true. Imagine with clarity and as much detail as possible what it would feel like for your wish to come true, for your hard work to pay off, for the completion of your project, etc. Visualize yourself opening up to receive the gifts the universe has to offer and that are always available to you. Trust that if you remain open, the universe will provide.

If you’re unsure of exactly and precisely what it is you want or need, that’s okay! The universe is always gifting us opportunities for growth and alignment. Make a wish for the courage to surrender to your path and let things unfold as they may. There is duality in all things. Every door closed is a door open and every ending is a beginning. We must shift our perspective to welcome challenges as enthusiastically as we welcome success. Both of these experiences are highly valuable and contribute remarkably to our spiritual growth. When your leaf has just about burned down to the end, safely place it at the center of your altar within the fire safe dish. Repeat this process with each of your leaves one by one. When you’ve finished you should be left with a small pile of ash. Light your sage once more and circle around the ash pile five times in a clockwise motion. Each rotation gathers the power of the five elements represented on your altar and sends the energy out into the universe. Once completed, gently stamp out your bundle into the ash. If you have access to a garden, potted plant, or patch of undisturbed earth, take your pile of ash along with your crystals and bury them in the earth to rest and be cleansed until the upcoming Full Moon. If you do not have access to these things, simply dispose of the ash ethically and leave your crystals out to cleanse where they will be exposed to the night sky. Just because we can’t see the light of the New Moon doesn’t mean we can’t use its energy to clear our crystals after all their hard work.


By participating in this ritual you have also participated in an extremely challenging exercise - the acknowledgment and honoring of your needs and desires! You took the time to check in with your emotional environment and facilitated a self-care ritual for the betterment of yourself. Taking emotional responsibility in this way requires so much practice, patience and a heck of a lot of self-love. On behalf of the Dual Crossroads fam, I’d like to thank you for sharing this time with us and for empowering yourselves with love and light. We are wishing each and every one of you countless blessings for the new year and ever more. Happy manifesting!


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