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Go-to Daily Pocket Crystals

Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. Crystalline frequencies are believed to energize and align the energy centers, or Chakras, of the human body. Carrying crystals in your pocket can provide important daily spiritual and emotional support.

Crystals can be kept loose or in a fabric sachet in your pocket. In particular, tumbled stones are great for this because they are smooth and unlikely to chip or scratch while being carried which raw crystals are more prone to do. Whether or not to carry small tumbled or raw stones is dependent on your personal preference.

Sometimes a single stone may be all you need that day and sometimes a small handful of stones feels right. Different combinations of crystals can be carried to promote particular aspects of healing. For instance, when dealing with traumatic loss a combination of Lepidolite, Apache Tears and Rose Quartz might work for you when a combination of Pink Calcite, Black Onyx and Citrine may work for someone else. There isn't a formula for prescription so trust your intuition in this process.

Personal favorites include:

  • Clear Quartz: for amplification

  • Angelite: for ancestral connection & communication

  • Healerite: for loving compassion & heart healing

  • Carnelian: for creativity & passion

  • Goldstone: for confidence & luck

  • Shungite: for protection & purification

Popularly used crystals include:

  • Amethyst: for stress relief & clarity

  • Green Aventurine: for prosperity & abundance

  • Rose Quartz: for unconditional love

  • Carnelian: for creativity & passions

  • Tiger's Eye: for will-power

  • Smoky Quartz: for grounding

  • Black Tourmaline: for protection

It is important to regularly cleanse and charge your daily pocket stones. Smudging by burning sage (or the sacred plant of your choice) is an easy and effective daily go-to for cleansing. You can leave your crystals on a windowsill or outside to charge in the light of the Sun or Moon. Some crystals may lose saturation of color if left out in the Sun such as Fluorite. In contrast, Moonlight is more gentle and unlikely to effect the color of your crystals. Additionally, placing your crystals in a Selenite bowl or a bowl filled with salt will cleanse your stones while they recharge. This routine can easily become a ritual you incorporate into your everyday life.

Suggested Exercise:

Lay out all the crystals you feel comfortable carrying in a pocket (tumbled or not) in front of you. Close your eyes and center yourself. While keeping your eyes closed, hold your hand out above the crystals and gently wave your hand back and forth over them. You will feel the need to pause over certain crystals you feel a particular attraction to that day. Collect those crystals for that day's carry.

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