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Elemental Magic

Magic works with the relationships between the elemental forces of nature and our spirits. Fire, earth, air and water can all be used in ritual as a means to set intention for manifestation. Typically, one element is focused on in a spell. The purpose of the actions and words of a spell is to focus your energy into co-creating your reality with the universe.

Principles of working with elemental magic

Be specific - positivity & gratitude

Be realistic - have a plan of action

Be ethical - don’t interfere with free will of others


Common fire rituals include heating, burning and candles. Rituals can be done with different sized candles like

tea lights, chime or taper & 7 day glass jar.


Light a colored candle dressed with herbs and oils to support your intention.

Black: regeneration, transition, endings

Red: vitality, will power, desires

Orange: self-confidence, optimism, success

Yellow: trust, happiness

Green: prosperity, fertility, luck, balance

Blue: communication, focus, knowledge, truth

Purple: psychic power, divination

White: enlightenment, healing, purification, protection

Pink: love, friendship, romance, caring


Common earth rituals include burying and planting. Rituals often incorporate

plants and crystals.


Pick a water safe crystal (I recommend those in the quartz family etc.) that represents what you wish to grow into embodying. Bury this crystal at the same time you plant a seed in fresh soil. Tend to your plant as it grows and allow the crystal to heal through this new growth.


Common air rituals involve fanning such as smudging with sacred plants and feathers.

Different types of feathers from different birds have been associated with metaphysical properties. Brown Wild Turkey and White Turkey represent the spirit of abundance, sacrifice and fertility. The Eagle is a quintessential symbol of freedom and reminder of our personal powers to change.


Use our Smudge kit to ward of negativity or cleanse a space. This can be done regularly, even daily, to keep your environment healthy.


Common water rituals involve washing and dilution.


Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a bowl of water as a scrying mirror or an elixir to support you on the go. This can easily be transferred into a spray bottle to be used on the go.


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