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Crystal Grids for Venus Retrograde

Crystal Grid 101

Crystals Grids are an awesome tool of metaphysical practice. They are an arrangement of crystals in geometric patterns to facilitate transformation. This can be to invoke or release something in your life.

Any crystals or stones can be used in grid making. Just make sure the properties correspond with your purpose and intention.

Typically, patterns incorporate sacred geometry to focus and amplify the energy of the crystals toward a specific goal. Pre-made crystal grid templates can be used to do this. Templates can be printed paper or cloth, engraved wooden boards or copper plates. While templates are helpful in grid making, they are not necessary. Other magical elements, like fire or water, can also be incorporated into grids.

This blog will focus on how to create two types of grids formed with the intention of integrating lessons learned from Venus Retrograde.

Venus Retrograde 101

Venus is ruled by Libra and Taurus and represents love and money in our lives. Venus retrogrades about every 18 month in 8 year cycles and lasts about 40 days. The current Venus Retrograde started on May 12th and will last until June 25th asks us to re-evaluate patterns that emerge from our relationships This retrograde is stationed in Gemini which calls us to reflect on the duality and the difference between unconditional love and “love under any condition."

Crystal Recommendations for Venus Retrograde

  • Chrysocolla is associated with Venus, known to bring stability and calm & reverse negative emotional programming of the heart

  • Obsidian (Apache Tears) is a volcanic glass excellent when used as a scrying mirror for shadow work, transmutation and integration

  • Rose Quartz is the quintessential crystal of unconditional love and to support the healing of the heart center

  • Clear Quartz clears negativity while it receives, amplifies & transmits energies of other crystals

  • Howlite has a soothing energy that focuses energy & give the gift of wisdom and enlightenment

  • Selenite has a feminine energy which dispels negativity & amplifies the energies of other crystals

  • Copper is an energy conductor and amplifies the energies of other crystals

Traditional Grid

  • Rose Quartz Tower (x1)

  • Selenite wands (x5)

  • Copper spheres (x5)

  • Apache Tears (x50)

  • Chrysocolla chunks (x15)

This option use multiples of the same small stone crystals and 1 singular generator stone. A pentacle altar cloth has been used as the basis for this Venus Retrograde grid. A Rose Quartz tower was used as the central point emanating love outwards. Five Copper spheres and five Selenite wands were used to amplify the energies of the tower complimented by Obsidian and Chrysocolla chunks which support the healing and transformation of the heart center.

Four Corners Grid

This grid spread focuses on the four corners, using 4 different types of crystal towers. The placement of the Four Corners can be used to represent different aspects that correspond with the intention of the particular grid. This Venus Retrograde grid includes: Clear Quartz, Obsidian, Rose Quartz and Howlite.

In this case, Rose Quartz in the top, northern position represents the EARTH element and the wisdom of the higher self.

Clear Quartz in the right, eastern position represents the AIR element and the redemption of rebirth and ascension.

Obsidian in the bottom, southern position represents the FIRE element and the inception initiated by the death and transformation cycle.

Howlite in the left, western position represents the WATER element and the enlightenment that comes with endings.

How can I incorporate other elements into grid work?

WATER and FIRE are two elements that be can be easily and powerfully incorporated to support the intention of the grid. For example, a bowl of water can symbolize release and the flame of a tea light can represent an invocation or even simply life force energy.

Adding herbs and oils to your candles is a great way of further imbuing your grid with the energies you'd like to manifest. You can chose these elements intuitively or by your preference. If you chose to incorporate an element like fire, I recommend journaling or praying for the duration the tea lights are lit.

For this Venus Retrograde grid, it is important to pick elements that are purifying and balancing. I prepared my tea lights with Witch’s Black Salt and Anise essential oil by adding a drop of essential oil and two pinches of Witch’s Black Salt to each candle. You can find our recipe for Witch’s Black Salt here.

I made my grid, now what?

Gridwork is all about intention. For this reason, a grid can stay up for as long as you’d like the energy of what you are trying to release or invoke to be represented - sometimes for a full cycle (the entire Venus Retrograde, for example) or just a few days, or even for a single afternoon. The incorporation of ritual crystal grid work into your practice is an excellent way to hold sacred space for yourself throughout your journey.

Leave us a comment telling us what you did with your crystal grid!

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