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Fri, May 08


Online Zoom

Witchcraft Class Series III

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Witchcraft Class Series III
Witchcraft Class Series III

Time & Location

May 08, 2020, 3:00 PM

Online Zoom

About The Event

This intense series covers everything about witchcraft. From Sabbats to familiars, spells, history and putting knowledge into practice. Whether you're a novice or experienced witch, we cover so much ground, you'll learn something new. This series is led by Daughter of Divine. 

Originally $44 per class, we've discounted this series to $33 per class due to the affects everyone is feeling while in quarantine from the coronavirus epidemic. 

Witch Craft I 'Origins'  (EXPIRED)

- What is Witch Craft? What is Magik? (Magic vs Magik, Intention, focus, energy)

- Short Summary of the History of Witch Craft (Beginnings, Wiccan, pagan, neo-pagan, Alexandrian wicca,

, Gardnerian wicca, Dianic wicca, Christo-pagan, modern day, Voodoo, Romanian Witches)

- Holidays (Eight Sabbats, what are they, when and rituals)

- Famous Witches/Wizards & WLPA (Witches League for public awareness. I.e, Salem trials, Merlin)

- Different kinds of Witch Craft/Subcategories (i.e, Divination; scrying, dosing, alchemy, herbal grimoire, tarot, oracle, moon cycles, runes, bones,  music/dance, astro-witch craft using the stars/planets, sexual magic, etc) 

- Tools of Witch Craft (i.e, brooms, wands, crystals, sacred symbols/signs (pentacle, triple goddess), cards, herbs, magic knife/athames, swords, animal remains, goblet/cup, scrolls, bells, salt, cauldrons, pendulums) 

Witch Craft II ' The Sacred Way’

-  Alters  & Offerings (What are they, how to build one and travel with one. For goddesses and gods, for ancestors, spirits or Gaia Earth)

- Familiars (i.e, what is a familiar, how to recognize one/manifest one. Cat, dog, frog, rat, bird, goat etc..)

- Attire (i.e, cloaks, robes, hats, crowns, tiaras, amulets, dismantling stereotypes of what a witch “should” look like)

- Principles of Witch Craft (i.e, Rites, rules of witch craft, threefold, free will, (light/white) positive and (dark/black) negative craft)

- Book of Shadows (i.e, what is it, already written ones, writing your own)

- Spells (i.e, Types of spell work, elemental spells, candle spells, Cord, string, rope or ribbon spells, mirror spells, moon cycle spells, banishing spells, binding spells, money, love, career, protection, house cleansing)

Witch Craft III 'Harnessing Magik' 

- Spell Crafting (i.e, how to write spells, practice spells, paper and pen, spoken word, rhyming is power, song is strength)

- Circle Casting (i.e, what is it, how to perform it, practice)

-  Invocation & Alignments (Speak from your hearts fire, with focus and intention, directions with power of source)

- Ritual (Basic components of a ritual for Witch craft; Purification of Self and space, creating sacred space invocation by circle casting, observance if on a sacred day, energy raising, grounding by tongue, thanking goddesses & gods, breaking the circle. 

- Spirit Guides (what are they, contacting them, connecting to them, how they can help your craft)

- Covens (what are they, to join or not to join) 

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  • Class III - May 8th

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